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Mixed- media Virtual Reality Platform in India

ElseVR, a mixed reality channel, is a disruptive idea in narrative non-fiction and virtual reality journalism. It brings extraordinary and urgent stories to Virtual Reality (VR), from India, granting the audience an entry “into” the story. Else VR is transforming the face of Virtual Reality in India. By shattering the barrier between the viewer and the subject, Virtual Reality has the power to elicit enquiry and empathy. Virtual Reality in India will provide crackling experience to audience and will change the way people interact with computers. Published online as a quarterly, each story facilitates collaborations between formidable filmmakers, writers and designers to amplify the power of narrative.

ElseVR is India’s first dedicated virtual reality platform, bringing forth extraordinary real-life stories to evoke conversations and inspire action. The magazine is the non-fiction Virtual Reality platform from Memesys Culture Lab. ElseVR experiences have showcased at major film festivals around the world.