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End to End Virtual Reality Production Company

ElseVR, amongst many other virtual reality companies, is a Mixed Reality channel, and India’s first and most important VR narrative platform. It is a disruptive idea in narrative nonfiction and journalism, as compared to other virtual reality companies. It brings extraordinary and urgent stories to Virtual Reality (VR), granting the audience an entry “into” the story. Nowadays, by shattering the barrier between the viewer and the subject, virtual reality production companies have the power to elicit enquiry and empathy. Published online as a quarterly, each story facilitates collaborations between formidable filmmakers, writers, designers and virtual reality production companies to amplify the power of narrative. Virtual Reality, today, has changed the way we see the reality thanks to many VR production companies that have been working relentlessly to make the experience as real as possible for the users.

Each story is a  Virtual Reality experience  accompanied with a piece of long form journalism and images to create a deep and well-rounded understanding of the subject for the audience.

Memesys Culture Lab is a cinema and new media studio at the intersection of science, philosophy and culture. We aim to interpret and demystify current breakthroughs in our understanding of the self and the universe, by actively participating in cinema, literature, pedagogy, technology, art, scientific and philosophical research, and actions of significant social impact. Memesys Culture Lab has been founded by Anand Gandhi, Zain Memon, Khushboo Ranka, Pooja Shetty, Neil Pagedar and Vinay Shukla.


30, Aram Nagar 2, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400061

Email: hello@memesyslab.com | Tel: 9820989170