How 3D virtual reality poised to take over the traditional medium of filmmaking

In the last 10 years, the world of filmmaking has seen a major shift in the status quo. More and more filmmakers are moving beyond 3D and the search for more entertaining source has become vital.

In the time when viral content decides the brand value, this need has found a solution in the world of 3D virtual reality. A virtual reality film is a way to take the audience in the world where the film is taking place. One doesn’t have to do anything special to experience this surreal magic. With head-mounted displays (HMD) and gloves with sensors, VR users can explore computer-generated environments and stories in a very realistic way.

Virtual reality movies take the idea of making the story personalized and let the user be a part of the adventure. A superhero movie is good but something way better will be the audience being on the ground watching that superhero fight the arch-nemesis. The whole movie watching experience will change.

While the first virtual reality movie came out in 1992, it reached new heights by the time 2010 ended. More and more filmmakers were exploring ideas to use this technique. Some even adapted and converted their cinema for virtual reality medium.

Today, it is common to see theatres running special virtual reality movies.  It takes the process of digital storytelling to a whole new level. As you have already learned about how it elevates the movie watching experience, you should also know that it will soon take over the traditional mediums in which a film is shown.

If Ready Player One, predicts anything then it is the fact that how close we are to adapting VR in our daily life. Modern head mount displays are lighter and more portable. The users don’t need to walk into a theatre but rather pay and watch the cinema anywhere. Watching movies on the go without affecting the business of the film industry is how virtual reality will take over the market.

The current wave of VR enthusiasts has provided a way for many filmmaking companies and start-ups to grow using this as their USP. With a brand like Else VR, you too can explore the infinite possibilities in the world of virtual storytelling. The only limitation will be your imagination.

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