Media and news reporting is facing a unique challenge these days. The claims of a certain report being sold out or being fake have been running rampant. Non live news report can easily be manipulated, faked and content can be distorted or morphed to give a totally different look than what was shot in the past. Faking a news report is easy and the accusations have been true.

As a counter to fake news report, the innovation of augmented reality journalismhas become popular among the media houses. The channels that believe in broadcasting true news reporting can go ahead and show the content with absolute truth with no one to question their credibility.

VR news report is shot in real time

Unlike the broadcasted content, augmented reality journalism uses real time feature to record and broadcast the news from the location. Virtual reality production companies, have created multiple engaging content by using the advantage of this feature. The VR story by Livemint and Else VR on Hunderman village has proved very effective in broadcasting a report without any editing or manipulations.

Advantage of 360 degree video recording

The VR camera shoots in 360 degree angles on both horizontal and vertical angles. This helps the observant to witness the event at that given space and time. So, one can say that 360 degree videos can be recorded and broadcasted in real time unlike the televised reports. Minimal editing and real time coverage makes news reporting free from being manipulated and faked.

As one of the leading and emerging virtual reality production companies, Else VR’s team believes in innovative content. Their work has won them a number of awards and accolades on multiple platforms. For more details, contact their team of experts.

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