Brands across the world have started to use augmented reality journalism in their product promotions. Major companies like Apple, Coca Cola, Panasonic have innovated the use of virtual reality experience to come up with groundbreaking campaigns. Programs, features and hardware have made virtual reality the future of content marketing and information sharing.

In the last 10 years, the trend of using Augmented Reality in the programs has touched almost every brand genre. It has developed considerably over the years. The feature has made major impacts in sectors such as Finance, Travel, Education, E-commerce, Real Estate and more.

Since the launch of Pokemon Go, the idea to get innovative with augmented reality journalism has become very fascinating. Let’s see how brands worldwide can use the potential of virtual reality in their content marketing.


Lowe’s the home improvement store used VR in their product marketing and they observed that the conversion rate went up by 104%. The brand was able to pull customers who interacted with the 3-D objects in its app.

Yihaodian, the largest grocery store in China set up “virtual stores” in the parking lots, parks and other public tourist spots. With the use of the brand’s app, a customer can use their mobile device to shop virtually.

The designer label ZARA uses virtual reality experience to make the product experience more interactive.


Parks in New Zealand and Australia are using location-based AR feature. This is done in order to bring more kids to park and get them interested in going outdoors.

In Switzerland, many location-based AR apps are helping the travellers to travel seamlessly from a place to another. One notable example is the Zentralbahn train line connecting Interlaken and Lucerne to relate to the surroundings. The app does this by pointing out the places of interest and spreading information about a new place to visit and spend some time.


A VR film on Anthony Joshua’s world heavyweight title fight against Charles Martin was created by Surround Vision. This four-minute film generated over 3m views in two days.
-Available with natural history museum London enables viewers to join Sir David Attenborough and reef expert Professor Justin Marshall as the pair explore the Great Barrier Reef

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