With the rise of virtual reality, many companies have started to adapt their brand marketing and advertising formula keeping this innovation in mind. Many big brands have already made impact with world class projects in VR. With the guarantee of connecting with the audience on a greater level, virtual reality delivers result with more accuracy. Many virtual reality production companies are working on projects, the ideas of which used to

The rise of virtual reality took the world market by storm. Various sectors across the globe experimented with this innovations and created ground breaking results. With the rapid expansion of Indian market, the need to adapt to something innovative has become very important. One of the modern innovations of communication and storytelling that the world has seen is the rise of virtual reality. Indian markets can use this innovation and

How 3D virtual reality poised to take over the traditional medium of filmmaking In the last 10 years, the world of filmmaking has seen a major shift in the status quo. More and more filmmakers are moving beyond 3D and the search for more entertaining source has become vital. In the time when viral content decides the brand value, this need has found a solution in the world of 3D

Three benefits of using virtual reality in creative storytelling movie campaigns Have you ever seen an ad where an adventurer puts on a pair of shoes or drinks a soft drink and then climbs mountains or jumps off a cliff? Who hasn’t? What if someone tells you that you can be that adventurer while sitting in your room? Many will call all this absurd. But this is soon going to

4 reasons why as a media house you should move into virtual reality news territory Media agencies have always tried to give their viewers or audience a deeper experience regarding the ground reality of the place from where the news is being broadcasted. In the days of radio it was not possible, newspaper always failed to do so. With time, when television journalism evolved, the news became more personalized and

Virtual reality has the capability of taking the audience on a journey to a fantasy world or a place that is not accessible under normal circumstances. Events like a volcanic eruption, journalism from the warfront or a celebratory event like Met, don’t work on live broadcast. Because of this, virtual reality gains an upper hand bringing the audience closer to the content. But one must keep in mind that not