Media and news reporting is facing a unique challenge these days. The claims of a certain report being sold out or being fake have been running rampant. Non live news report can easily be manipulated, faked and content can be distorted or morphed to give a totally different look than what was shot in the past. Faking a news report is easy and the accusations have been true. As a

In the era of 3D virtual reality, it is not really tough to start working on your VR based application. Anyone fond of this innovation and work experience in field of programming and technology will find VR a cool platform to work on. From brand marketing to immersive journalism VR finds its use everywhere. Making your first VR application is fun and challenging. Starting on a new project is time

Brands across the world have started to use augmented reality journalism in their product promotions. Major companies like Apple, Coca Cola, Panasonic have innovated the use of virtual reality experience to come up with groundbreaking campaigns. Programs, features and hardware have made virtual reality the future of content marketing and information sharing. In the last 10 years, the trend of using Augmented Reality in the programs has touched almost every

Virtual reality doesn’t know any limitations. The creativity of content creator allows the VR content to go as far and deep as they want to. With the features of the VR, it is obvious that many content creators are going to use this innovation in their brand marketing. But VR journalism has already reached new heights and the media houses have used the feature of VR storytelling in their content.

News channels have always thrived to connect with their audience on a greater level. Their broadcasting features have evolved with time. They adapted themselves to TV reporting and then moved into the age of internet. Today, it is not surprising to see news breaking first online and later on TV or radio. With time, this process has become vast and hectic. Global presence of news channels has only increased troubles