The rise of virtual reality took the world market by storm. Various sectors across the globe experimented with this innovations and created ground breaking results. With the rapid expansion of Indian market, the need to adapt to something innovative has become very important. One of the modern innovations of communication and storytelling that the world has seen is the rise of virtual reality. Indian markets can use this innovation and work on some creative ways of storytelling.

Here are some industry sectors that should consider using virtual reality in India and make the best out of it.

Ad industry

Advertising is the most innovative way to connect with the audience and convince them to buy or try a product. Through innovative advertising, many businesses have made an impact in the market. Today, virtual reality can not only increase the impact but will also make the audience know and learn more about the product.

Real estate

Showing a piece of property to the interested buyers has always been a task filled with different challenges. The buyer is always suspicious about the final outcome of the space. Adding to this problem, one also ends up spending a lot of time and resources on keeping staff just for the tour of the home space. With adapting to virtual reality applications, real estate companies can show a 3D representation of the home to their buyers while they are in the office only. Saving a lot of time and money in the process.

News and multimedia

The need to make news audience interactive has made many broadcasting networks look beyond television and internet. With adaptation of augmented reality, it is now possible to make the news personalized. This innovation can take the audience into the heart of the place from where the news is being broadcasted, making the content more appealing.

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