Virtual reality has the capability of taking the audience on a journey to a fantasy world or a place that is not accessible under normal circumstances. Events like a volcanic eruption, journalism from the warfront or a celebratory event like Met, don’t work on live broadcast. Because of this, virtual reality gains an upper hand bringing the audience closer to the content.

But one must keep in mind that not all virtual reality content creates the same impact. The idea that proved extremely wonderful in one scenario may fall flat on another.

Here are some tips you should consider while making a virtual reality documentary in India.

Keep room for emotional content

The feeling of happiness, grief, and anger can be shown in a very impactful way with the use of 3D virtual reality. The audience can feel the pain of flood victims or experience the same excitement the way the on-ground audience of 4th of July fireworks would go through. The better the emotional appeal of the documentary is, the more positively it will be received with your audience.

Shock value is important

A simple, straight forward documentary often turns out to be boring. A couple of highs and lows in the film always keep the audience interested in knowing what happens in the end. A belter way to achieve this is by breaking the story in a couple of points. Once you formulate the points from where the story will finish telling one part and another will begin, you can add some twist to change the perception from audience’s POV.

Narration is the key

Many documentaries and stories, despite having a nice story and plot, often fall flat because of bad narration or no narration at all. Remember, virtual reality is a world and the explorer needs a guide who knows the way through every detail. As you crack the narration part of the story, you’ll see that the quality of the VR documentary elevates to a new level.

With such simple techniques, you will be able to improve the quality of your virtual reality film or documentary.

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