Virtual reality doesn’t know any limitations. The creativity of content creator allows the VR content to go as far and deep as they want to.

With the features of the VR, it is obvious that many content creators are going to use this innovation in their brand marketing. But VR journalism has already reached new heights and the media houses have used the feature of VR storytelling in their content.

When it comes to using VR in connecting with audience, it has already created some path breaking examples. Here are some of the amazing case studies –

VR proves worthy addition to rehabilitation of brain damage

In 2005, a team of researchers concluded that the use of virtual reality can prove helpful in rehabilitation of the patients with brain damage. It was the team of F. David Rose, Barbara. M. Brooks And Albert A. Rizzo who concluded this theory and it has proven true since then.

VR provides positive support for meditation

With VR headset, the process of meditation becomes easy. It is a proven belief that an individual meditating while being in the virtual world finds it easy to concentrate and hence make the process of meditation easier. Various apps for the Oculus Rift and the Gear VR support the meditation on various levels.

Berlin refugee situation

With VR journalism becoming a part of media operations, every channel has tried something innovative. The Berliner Morgenpost used the technique of VR storytelling to show the conditions in which the refugees are living in Berlin. Since then, this problem has received international attention.

With Virtual reality going mainstream, it is time for brands to start looking out for ways to make the VR storytelling more popular. Else VR has been creating engaging content using VR technology. For more details, contact our team of experts.

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