News channels have always thrived to connect with their audience on a greater level. Their broadcasting features have evolved with time. They adapted themselves to TV reporting and then moved into the age of internet. Today, it is not surprising to see news breaking first online and later on TV or radio.

With time, this process has become vast and hectic. Global presence of news channels has only increased troubles for them. Keeping staff, equipment and technology to handle the flow of the report proves to be costly and time consuming. A small mistake can cause damage in terms of money and reputation.

With the arrival of VR or virtual reality, it became easy for many news channels to sort out their work. With the age of internet passing by, they needed something new to attract their audience. VR journalism proved useful in this scenario. With adapting to virtual reality, the news channels or broadcasting companies were able to find a solution to the staff crunch and fund allocation of purchase of new equipment.

Recording a new virtual reality story is a single person task – Earlier, team of a cameraman and a reporter used to visit the site, prepare their reports and then send it to the headquarters for editing and processing to make the content finally get delivered to the audience. As competition increased, making sure that the news reaches the audience first become highly important. Now with digital storytelling , you can assure that a single person with training of handling of virtual reality equipment captures the report and then sends it to the headquarters. The reporting team can take over from here without going through the pain of visiting the news site.

News reporting is reaching new milestones with virtual reality. Make sure that you catch up with this progress or prepare to be left behind.

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