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Virtual Reality (VR) is a new way to experience filmed content that lets the viewer enter the scene and look around, to get that perfect virtual reality experience. It is a new medium of story-telling that flips the role of the story-teller. ElseVR brings you stories that you can step into.


There are four options for experiencing Virtual Reality content today: an immersive VR headset, a simple VR viewer that uses a mobile phone, a mobile phone on its own, or a web video player.

The virtual reality experience is most immersive through a VR headset. This lets you ‘look around’ in 360 degrees and hear binaural stereo sound. VR headsets rely on a mobile phone, a gaming console, or a computer to render a dynamic, sensor-enabled experience. ElseVR stories can be experienced in any of these.
A range of VR headsets with different specifications (screen size, resolution, sensors, price and so on) is currently available. The Samsung Gear VR is one of the most widely available VR headsets at present and is compatible with certain Samsung phones. Once you have a headset suitable for you, download the ElseVR app on your Android phone and choose the ‘Watch using VR headset’ option on being prompted. The app will download and render ElseVR films in 4K or HD and also allow you to access the stories behind them.
Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR are some of the other headsets currently in production. You can visit our website and play the film manually on any of these platforms.

The next best, and the cheapest, alternative to a VR headset is a Google Cardboard viewer. This lets you convert your phone into a VR headset quickly and inexpensively. Cardboard lets you ‘look around’ in 360° and hear binaural sound as well. A large number of highly-customizable Cardboard or Cardboard-compatible viewers are available today.
Order the Cardboard viewer most suitable for you from a local retailer, assemble it yourself and you are ready to plug in to get a perfect virtual reality experience. Download the ElseVR app on your Android phone to access our content in 4K or HD and choose the ‘Watch using VR headset’ option on being prompted. Each ElseVR film can also be played manually from our website.

If you don’t have a VR headset, you can view ElseVR content in 360° video format. This is not as immersive as true VR but it gives you a window into the Virtual Reality experience by using the accelerometer and gyroscope in your phone.
Download the ElseVR and Cardboard apps on your Android phone and choose the ‘Watch without VR headset’ option on being prompted. Move your phone to look around or tap on the screen and drag left, right, up or down to navigate. Alternatively, you may visit our website. Put on your headphones for the most optimum experience.

ElseVR content in 360 degree video can also be accessed from a computer on our website.
Click on a story and play the video. Click on the screen and drag left, right, up or down to navigate. You can only try imagining how glorious this virtual reality experience will be.