Virtual Reality Applications

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Virtual Reality Applications

With virtual reality, the way films are being made and consumed is changing. So is the way the films are being packaged and deployed. Now every new films are new virtual reality applications.

Flat format video has been around for more than a century. Digital flat format video forms the staple diet of most people consuming 360-degree content. The media production industry and all viewing platforms and devices, have filtered down from a wide array of video types, formats and codecs to standardize and agree of a few which get used across the board. Most videos are now 16:9 or 4:3 in their aspect ratio and are compressed .mp4 files ( .h264 codec) running at anywhere between 10-100 mBps.

The standards with virtual reality 360 video are still evolving. As content creators, developers, and manufacturers come to consensus on what the best specs are for virtual reality applications, a lot of 3rd party softwares fill up the gap to help playback 360-degree video effectively.

Here are a few virtual reality applications that allow for great playback for all your 360 VR videos.

Fulldive VR
Compatible with cardboard and daydream devices, fulldive is a great hardware agnostic 360 virtual reality playback application on android. With a great intuitive interface and support for most 360 video configurations, fulldive is a great, dependable VR viewing app.

GoPro VR player
Available on iOS and Windows, GoPro VR is a light and smooth Virtual Reality application that allows for smooth uninterrupted playback, especially while editing/ compositing with its great sync option with the adobe suite. However, the menu and browsing can certainly do with an overhaul.

Magic VR video player
The lightest and simplest to use VR player on android is the Magic VR video player. The app has no bells and whistles and is a great easy-flowing UI for scanning through and watching VR videos.

What industries are using virtual reality ?

Here’s a list of the many applications of virtual reality: