360 Virtual Reality

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360 Virtual Reality

Paradigm shift of media has led to new possibilities to experience 360 virtual reality. The concept of 360 virtual reality or 360 Degree Videos is to offer an unlimited experience to viewers.

360 virtual reality’s objective is to provide complete control to viewers on what they want to see. It gives an opportunity to tour around the place or an event without leaving your desk chair. Interesting! Isn’tit?

The innovative techniques and specialized cameras enable to capture video in 360 degree spectrum. 360 degree videos can be viewed through mobile phones, computer screen or, head-mounted display.

How 360 degree videos are shot?

360 degree videos are shot with omnidirectional cameras which help to record video of every direction at the same time. This enables to capture the world around you at a single moment of time.

360 degree videos are commonly known as spherical videos. The cameras used to create such videos has unique characteristic to capture shots to record an entire 360×180 degree field. Cameras with wide angle lenses and great picture quality are best suited to capture 360 degree video.

How to put captured shots together?

Once the video is captured, then one needs to stich it with stitching software which will result into a panoramic video at 4k resolution. The stitching software helps to enhance videos by synchronizing white balance and exposure.

The advanced feature of stitching software helps to stitch shots in real time for live stream purpose on social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Why 360 degree Virtual Reality?

The 360 degree virtual reality leads to interactive session for viewers as the shots spread around 360 degree. Creators as well as viewers are eagerly tapping the newness of 360 degree VR to clutter through standard viewing options and to experience the benefit of effective viewing.

360 degree virtual reality has obtained technological reign over entertainment as well as education sector. 360 degree virtual reality videos are best medium for VR storytelling, news delivery, travel destination, adventure sports and for many other purposes.

360 degree VR promises a more engaging content. Hence, the tipping point of 360 degree VR expects a lot more consumers for a renewed experience to capture and view videos.