3D Virtual Reality

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3D Virtual Reality

Experience the real-world places straight from your desk with 3D virtual reality!

3D virtual reality is an advanced digital technology which alters mental state by immersing one’s senses. It creates an illusion of reality to the viewers through 3D content in a most engaging way. Through the synchronized use of sensory devices, 3D virtual reality transports virtually to a distant land of adventures and imaginations.

Encounter the Experience of 3D Virtual Reality

3D virtual reality displays stereoscopic effect to create an illusion of depth in front of the eyes of viewers.

Virtual reality glasses are commonly known as Head Mounted Display [HMD]. HMD sets up a CAVE environment via a process known as stereoscopy. CAVE stands for Cave Automatic Virtual Environment; which creates a virtual environment to provide an amusing video experience.

Viewers are supposed to wear a 3D VR glass in front of the eyes. These glasses display two images; one per each eye, to provide with a mystic illusion of real-time experience. Each glass is polarized with different form of filters. Each unique filter allows the passage of light and blocks the light from the opposite direction. Hence each eye views different image to provide a complete experience of 3D effect.

3D Virtual reality glasses are gaining their popularity at great pace, especially in entertainment and gaming sectors and are expected to extend benefits the fields of Healthcare, Business, Military, Art, Education and in treatment of substantial phobias.