Virtual Reality Documentary

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Virtual Reality Documentary, India

Most VR documentary film-makers from India and abroad pick up a camera, set out to capture and then report the stories they deem important. Using the conventional wisdom and language of film, documentaries attempt to engage the viewers, evoke an emotional response and bring forth action and awareness. It attempts to transcribe the reality of a place, person or people and carry it across time and distance to viewers who may be completely foreign to these realities.

In this backdrop, virtual reality documentaries are a game changer – a new medium bursting with technological potential and a raw immersive power. Virtual reality has the ability to fundamentally alter how we experience events and stories, by ‘taking’ us to the points of incidence using just a VR headset. A virtual reality documentary aims to make people understand what happened in a more profound way by allowing them to become witnesses to the event.

Here at ElseVR, we harness the VR documentary format to tell urgent stories of people that don’t get their voices heard. Our audiences travel to the recurring floods of Bihar, India in ‘Submerged’ and witness the scope of coal excavation and displacement in ‘The Cost of Coal’  (India’s first documentary shot in Virtual Reality). United Nations’ Virtual Reality app, UNVR, has acquired Virtual Reality Documentary in India, titled “Cost of Coal”.

It allows them to be in important situations and movements with greater immersion and empathy. These VR documentaries allow viewers to travel in the flood ravaged lands of ‘Submerged’ or watch scholarship-winning ballet dancers performing in ‘Yeh Ballet’ and traverse the vast Himalayan landscape with two school-girls in ‘Crossing the Sky’.