Virtual Reality Movies

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Virtual Reality Movies

As millennials, it’s almost impossible to believe that the earlier movies did not have colour. We have come so far: from sound to colour to 3D. The next thing to look out for is : Virtual Reality. A virtual reality movie offers fascinating experience via virtual headset.

Virtual reality in its most basic sense is being virtually present at the place of the shoot. You’re not actually there, but it feels like you are. This is why VR is more than just a 360 degree video shot. Virtual reality lends wider platform for VR storytelling in a movie. It makes you walk through alien environment and lets you experience the emotions of the scene closely.

Imagine someone flying in a helicopter; 10,000 feet above from the ground. He’s looking straight through the sky, but then suddenly his eyes go down to the ground. Ouch! Scary! The VR movie with a VR headset essentially makes you feel the same. So you don’t have to be in the helicopter to enjoy the 360 degree view. It can be done from the comfort of your chair! Now this would not be possible in a traditional movie because it’s two-dimensional.

While watching a traditional movie, the movie is in a different world than yours. In a virtual reality movie, you’re a part of that world. Well, virtually.

Like any other emerging industry, there are various challenges faced by the virtual reality movie industry. One of them being the distribution of these VR films created by virtual reality filmmaking. A virtual reality movie is fun when enjoyed with a VR headset. So a VR headset is a prerequisite for watching such a movie but is mostly distributed through the online platforms only.

The other challenge is that the production of a VR movie is not only heavy on the pocket but also the experience has to be viewer-adjusted. This requires a whole new form of story-writing and storytelling.

All of these things combined, make the future of virtual reality movies look bright and exciting!