Virtual Reality News

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Virtual Reality News

The future has arrived with a new age technology, Virtual Reality. With this new form of media storytellers have found more compelling ways to take their audience on a journey. Journalists are now able to develop multiple storylines using a single environment and create an experience that is closest to reality using virtual reality news.

For centuries now the sole mission of news broadcasters has been to convey as truthfully as possible an account of reality in ways that inform and engage the audiences. Through news on television, online articles and newspapers, journalists and audiences, over the years have developed a vocabulary to help fulfill their mission.
Virtual reality news however shatters these tried and tested conventions, creating a brand new playing field for the world of News and Journalism. The audience will hold the ability to choose different story paths as they freely explore the virtual space.
This new revelation in technology will let News broadcasters engage with their mission more actively and innovatively.

Virtual Reality holds the power to transform your surrounding entirely, it affects your senses in ways very different from reading or watching television does. VR will let journalists place their audience in the midst of the biggest achievements and failures taking place all around the world. For instance a man in Sweden will be able to better understand the state of a farmer in India through virtual reality news.

Storytellers can now design their story by letting the audience live in the story rather than be passive consumers. For instance, climate change continues to be an unfathomable problem to many of our politicians and citizens despite there being hard evidence to its existence. Research shows that Virtual Reality could help make these issues more tangible by placing their audience right in the midst of the problem.

Viewers of virtual reality news can actively participate in the story their watching by feeling one with the environment and empathizing with its protagonists in ways like never before. This changes the creation process in profound ways, emphasizing experiences over strict traditional narratives.